Tekstboks: Welcome...

At 40 years old and finally organized enough i have decided to share my 
passion for the brick as well as my collection built up over many years.

I have  100% complete collection of unopened LEGO® Star Wars™ sets from the 
Beginning in 1999, as well as a complete set of Minifigures from the theme.

The whole collection consists of about 600 sets, 2500 minifigures and about 700000 pieces!

Apart from that i have store displays, banners, promotional items and collectibles from Toyfairs and 

I also spend time building and take on commisioned work, profits go towards charity for children with various difficulties.

Clicking on the bricks will bring you closer to the collection, with pictures, information and links…

Find out a bit more about me                             and feel free to get in touch!

Have a brickish day 
Tekstboks: History of the Brick…






Lord of The Rings

The Hobbit

Other sets



Tekstboks: My own creations (MOC)

The inspiration and creativity that is possible with the brick leads me to build almost anything merely from pictures, although most of my work is mainly for the pleasure and the challenge of the build.

I can also do commisioned work, playing around with the products or themes from companies and bringing the innovation out in bricks, its a fun way to involve and attract a different audience.

Profit from some of my projects goes to charity to benefit children with varied difficulties, you can read more about this HERE

At present i am playing around with Tolkien’s world, having built my version of the Orthanc tower with over 7000 pieces i have now started on Minas Tirith, a build of epic proportions that will probably end up with alot of head scratching and some 30000 pieces, you can follow the build as it progresses on Facebook or through my pages HERE

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