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Jon's Bricks & Pieces1999Tekstboks: 7101-Lightsaber Duel
Episode I
52 pieces
Tekstboks: 7110-Landspeeder
Episode IV-VI
49 Pieces
Tekstboks: 7111-Droid Fighter
Episode I
62 pieces
Tekstboks: 7121-Naboo Swamp
Episode I
82 Pieces
Tekstboks: 7128-Speeder Bikes
Episode IV-VI
93 pieces
Tekstboks: 7130-SnowSpeeder
Episode IV-VI
215 Pieces
Tekstboks: 7131-Anakins Podracer
Episode I
136 pieces
Tekstboks: 7140-X-Wing Fighter
Episode IV-VI
266 Pieces
Tekstboks: 7141-Naboo Fighter
Episode I
179 pieces
Tekstboks: 7150-TIE Fighter & Y-Wing
Episode IV-VI
409 Pieces
Tekstboks: 7151-Sith Infiltrator
Episode I
244 pieces
Tekstboks: 7161-Gungan Sub
Episode I
379 Pieces
Tekstboks: 9748-Droid Developer Kit
Star Wars
657 Pieces
Tekstboks: 7171-Mos Espa Podrace
Episode I
896 pieces


A total of 14 sets comprising of 3719 pieces

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